About Us

Who we are

Gromatrix is a UK manufacturer of Horticultural Automation Systems tailored to the horticulturist interested in creating a controlled hydroponic or indoor growing environment and developing a professional structured process of autonomous control to increase the quality, quantity and consistency of crop yield by promoting desirable growing conditions.

We provide controllers and sensors to automate Climate, lighting, irrigation, heating and ventilation. Our ethos is to provide innovation through Technology to ensure product Simplicity and Safety.


Our control systems incorporate the latest electronics hardware and software solutions to produce robust products that incorporate switching and automation features thus promoting product reliability. Technologies include Microprocessor controlled real time clock. Providing reliable and accurate set point switching. Configured via a digital graphic interface combined with zero volt switching with multiple sensor monitoring to initiate smart control procedures for all types of electrical equipment, specific to the crop being grown.


Our controllers are designed to complement each other and the equipment they are controlling. Controllers can be selected to meet installation requirement large and small, creating a system to rival the most sophisticated. The configuration process for each controller has been carefully designed to help the user systematically focus on the control parameters relevant to each piece of equipment introduced to the growing environment.


Our plug and play approach means we can ensure that our products are assembled and integrated in accordance to the latest accredited European Electrical Safety Standards. A critical feature to any safe growing environment. All our products are designed, manufactured and tested in the United Kingdom to ensure the highest levels of production control. It also means there is no additional cost or reliance on third party electrical contractor for installation.

It also means as a horticulturist you can now grow your system as well as your plants and grow like a true professional.