Activate 4i Pro Intelligent Heavy-duty Relay Timer 4 Way individual Switched

  • Activate 4i Pro Intelligent Heavy-duty Relay Timer 4 Way individual Switched

The Gromatrix ‘Activate 4i Pro’ is a 4-Way Relay Timer that is capable of individually controlling 4 sets of grow lights, with iron ballast or high frequency ballast, up to 1300 Watts per circuit (eg 1x1000W HPS, 2x600W HPS or 4x315W CMH or CDM).

In addition, each output can control a variety of loads such as Radiant Heaters, Dehumidifiers, Heating Mats, CO2 Generators as long as the loading is 1300 Watts or less.

Each circuit has its’ own dedicated timer which is fully programmable over a 24 hour period and controlled by a microprocessor ‘Real Time Clock’ with battery backup to maintain the correct time for several days, should the mains power fail.

Up to 24 (On – Off) timer events can be programmed for each channel (individually) in a 24 hour period. It is also possible for any timing event to span midnight.

Timed events can easily be added or deleted at any time.

The output control to the lamp load is handled by a ‘compound electronic relay’ which can handle the high voltage and current safely and reliably, without the noise produced by the more commonly used contactor.

The timer is designed and manufactured in the UK, and built to a high standard. Consequently, a technical support team with first-hand knowledge is always available to assist you with any problem you may have.

Ease of Use

The controller has been designed to be a professional ‘Plug and Play’ timer.

The user interface is simple to use and quick to setup in two easy steps:

  1. Set the current time.
  2. Setup your ‘On – Off’ timer events.

Then the timer is ready for use.

The ‘Activate 4i Pro’ has all the features of a normal analogue timer plus the following:

Transition Mode

A gradual ‘Transition Mode’ can be set up to simulate the days getting shorter. i.e. From 18 hrs On / 6 hrs Off in Vegetative phase, to 12 hrs On / 12 hrs Off, in Bloom phase.

Once transition has been setup, every time the clock rolls over to a new day the timer point will change by one hour towards its new time. This can help slow down the stretch you can get with some plants from straight switching to 12 hours on/12 hours off.

Resettable Lamp Life Counters

HPS lamps have a limited lamp life. In addition, the efficiency can fall off quite dramatically near the end of lamp life. Even though the light output might still seem bright to your eyes, your HPS grow lamp will have lost a lot of its lumen output after just a few grows.

The 4 individual lamp hour counters can be used to record the lamps ‘On’ time.

When a lamp is nearing its recommended ‘end of life’ you can replace the lamp, and reset the lamp counter.

Manual Control

This feature allows you to override the current Timer Event. There are three options, lights on, lights off or lights switched on/off with the programmed set points.

Remaining Time

View the remaining ‘time to the next on/off’ event.

Why do I need a Gromatrix ‘Activate 4i Pro’ Event Timer?

When growing with HID lighting you need to switch lights On and Off to simulate Day/Night cycles.

This can be done safely with an ‘electrical contactor’ timer, or in this case, a ‘compound electronic relay’ which is much quieter in operation.

Normal domestic analogue timers cannot withstand the high current loads required to ignite HID lighting. Plugging HID lights directly into a domestic timer can cause the unit to prematurely fail and lead to a potential electrical hazard, which could result in your lights being fused On or Off.

If the timer becomes fused On, the HID lights will remain on, and your plants will not get a night period. This may go unnoticed, as you may not visit your grow room during dark periods.

If the timer becomes fused Off, the HID lights will stay off, and your plants will not get any light.

PDF User Manual
Contactor Timers
Features 24 Hour time clock, Clock Backup (24 - 48Hours), 24 Programmable timer Points a day, Transition(Used when switching from vegetative to flowering stage), View remaining time until next ON/OFF Points, 4 Lamp hour counters (Used to record total hours of lamp ON Usage), 4 British Standard Socket Outlets, 4 Mounting Holes (Fixings Supplied)
Mains Rating 230-250V AC 50hz, Max 13A per mains socket, External Fuse Rating 13A
Operating Loads 4 x 250watt light units, 4 x 400watt light units, 4 x 600watt light units, 4 x 1200watt light units, Max switching capacity per channel 5A (1200w)

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